Capoeira Angola is an art that combines battle, dance, singing, theatricality, percussion and game. The practice of Capoeira Angola creates multiple benefits through the constant development of body expression, rhythm, balance, improvisation and strengthening, giving emphasis in the uniquement of every person. Our team is part of Grupo de Capoeira Filhos de Angola (GCFA), which has been founded the year 1984 in Salvador, Bahia, and nowadays has ''cores'' all over the world. In Thessaloniki, our team started in 2008 and since then, is training at the gym of University of Macedonia, 3 times a week. Responsible for the trainings is Thodoris Diamantopoulos (Treinel Simpatia) always under the guidance of our Mestre Laercio. Our target is the complete and profound study of Capoeira Angola always with respect to the roots of this cultural movement.

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156 Egnatias str Thessaloniki, Greece
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E-mail: hello@filhosdeangola.gr Phone: 2310

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