hobby making

While i was reading about design and gazing at other deisgner’s work i made some experimental illustrations that i want to show in this section. I was not sure if i had to give light to all those (some of them quite old) illustrations but then i thought that this is kind of my history or maybe my first steps while playing with Photoshop & Illustrator.


1. Below it’s my first colaz that i created using Photoshop

my first colaz

2. Capoeira posters for various workshops

seminar_december_2013 seminar_two

3. Various experimentations while I was trying to learn illustrator

1be2fe594f281a2e2f3d79aa6092b772 a31fe21b0086ebfc89276060f826c950

4. Working with Double Exposure Effect in Photoshop


5. Working with brushes in illustrator

+kinhsh_last Untitled-1

6. Last but not least one of my recent poster for a Capoeira workshop



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