about Typography

It was always there since i was a child, the words, the letters, the shape, every time so different, every time something new to experiment.

about typography

I have always been a typography lover, i remember gazing at typefacess that i liked, changing mine according to my sentiment. While i was learning about design fundamentals i started to view videos from variable sources about typography.. and then i read “Typographie” by Emil Ruder ,which helped me see through this art.


During the same time i started reading the book “Graphic Design School”. Having this book as my guide i began to experiment with typefaces and fonts.


Below you can see some of mine “assignments” about typography

1. The anatomy of type

3 typefaces : Bodoni MT,Helevetica Light, PT Serif.atomic

2. Typography and meaning. Is it possible to express a word typographically?

In this assignment I picked two words, evolution and migration. Using different typefaces and fonts while experimenting with white space, i ¬†tried to discover what’s the drawing behind each word.

migration & evolution

3. History of type Design/ Paragraph Design and Hierarchy

For this assignment i picked Univers typeface, and a phrase for it’s designer Adrian Frutiger. Then, i experimented with Univers fonts and placement in order to create a whole image of Univers typeface.

history of type design_white-01

4. Type as image

For this assignment i picked the book title: “The Alchemist” and i created a typographic illustration that communicates with the title of the book selected.

type as image3-03

5. Below there are some experimentions i am usually working on at home

ugqbe4 tdrawing

change is good-01


“Erik Spiekermann”

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