Hello there,
my name is maria, often described by friends and colleagues as a creative individual with incredible amounts of enthusiasm!
Here you can read a few lines about my personal journey or :

    How i transitioned from informatics to digital design

After obtaining my BSc in Applied Informatics, I knew i wanted to do something more creative apart from coding and so I embarked on a journey to obtain my first MA in Informatics & Humanistic Studies. Moving in Corfu, I had my first courses in Human Computer Interaction and I also did my first steps in graphic design.

During that period, a whole new world  has opened up for me revealing so many things to learn. I remeber reading about designing experiences for users but also reading about design rules and Typography.  Next step was building my skills in Photoshop and Illustrator which added up to my ever growing list of amazing things to learn and experiment with.

Luckily enough, the timing was great for me as I was just offered a new job in Arsis NGO. As a web designer & developer, among other duties, I was responsible to ensure visual consistency of our web presence and I also designed all the flyers, logos and posters of the organisation.

Spending hours of doing design work, both in and out of the office, i realised something very important for me: when I work on a design project I lose track of time. The whole process, from stimulating creative thinking to drawing and then transferring all this work into pixels of digital existence.. for me is actually.. fantastic. That’s why this year I decided to pursue my passion and take the next step in studying Digital Design.